Boses the Movie

July 11, 2013 – I received an sms invite by the Happy Team of a free film showing @ Cinematheque and another call of the same film but from Tuburan Institute. Both of them are co-presenters.

So, since I’m quiet free that time, I said, yes. All I remember of the invite, it was entitled: “The Heart Speaks”, and the live violin by The Cast.

I was surprised to see that I was actually seeing Boses the Movie! I saw an ad running over at TV one time, and I remember saying to myself: “I wanna watch that film”. And what good luck!

And what a pleasant surprise to meet various people I know @ the film showing and the amazing people I just met! Woot.

julian duque & coke bolipata (with the Philippine Air Force who supports the Film’s Advocacy)

a musician and an artist, the only living son of the first Governor of Davao… Gov. Generoso. thanks tito leo for introducing Davao’s Treasure.

and ta-da…. the Film Director – Ms. Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil


I’m so enthused by her passion and advocacy… she’s been showing the film around the Philippines the past couple of years for free.. and just recently some government agencies are showing interest and supporting her already. Like DEPED and the Philippine Air Force, who were with us during the film showing. Since, the captain himself is a supporter.

And Julian Duque and Coke Bolipata (who is a Julliard graduate by the way!) were just simply SUPERB!! they rendered 3 music using their violins. Ahhhh I consider them our National Treasure! Way to go.. and cheers for movies like this. 🙂


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