eagles in love

When my family visited the Philippine Eagle Center, first week of June to tour a friend from Manila who really wanted to see the Eagles, we were on time as it was the Philippine Eagle week.

And with that, our entrance was free, and we bagged ourselves a free “volunteer” tour guide! Nifty, right? [free stuff!]

I have always fancied eagles, and seeing them up in the air (still lucky in this part we get to see some species of eagles flying every now and then) brings joy to me and I consider them to be good omens, like the rainbows among other things.

Camera 360

That day, I was particularly interested with how the eagles “court” one another. And I’m sure by now, you all know that eagles choose just one partner – for LIFE.

Their “courting” ritual would last up to two (2) years.

In captivity, they will be directed to a dome where the male would woo the female. Instead of flowers, the male eagle would offer food to the female. And the female eats it. To signify, surrender a girl bows down to male after the pre-coupling vocals.


In the wild, a male Philippine Eagle would create a nest before courting. Male eagle makes noise when he is ready to attract a mate and usually goes to the camp of the female to woo her. Once the time has come, that they found a partner or mate, they both do a dive chase and free falls to the nest.

The breeding season of eagles is July.

So, you see? Even eagles would take up to two years to choose 😉

the normal life span of an eagle is 20 years, but to the Philippine Eagle Center we have as old as 45 years. Also, they breed like humans, they only hatch eggs, once every two years. Thus, it is really quiet an effort to breed them.

They are still considered endangered and good thing we have the Philippine Eagle Center who is dedicated to breed and keep this mighty and powerful species. 🙂

Also, did you know that having an eagle in an ecosystem is a check whether our ecosystem is in balance? Eagles are also an important climate change indicator species, and they are largely affected when our rainforests are not being protected.

What other animals,birds or species do you find interesting?

Note: If you want to adopt an eagle and name it after you, you have to sign a contract where you donate 125,000/year for 5 years for it’s food, maintenance, and medication.


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