Digital Fool

Case: 3

Chapter: 25

Subject: Love & Relationships

Category: Lies & Betrayal

Lesson:  113


He said hi, she says hello back.

It was alien’s they were talking about. What race would you be, was the question?

Pleiadian? Gray? Reptilian?

He got curious. mildly interested.

Then they traded pictures.

If some ladies swoon over yellow flowers, he got her with the yellow aura’s.

He said something every girl should be aware of that is a red flag:

“I hate to say this, it’s too early…. but I think you are the one I’ve been searching for.”

“It’s like I’ve known you for so long.. even if  I just met you”

Never mind, that he sounded needy. Never mind, that he sounded like a victim.

He spilled out his life story. She thinks he was merely being honest and open.

She wanted to keep the interaction limited to ym conversations, facebook messages and irc private’s. But, then he was persistent.

It started with an SMS. Those sweet words, women always wanted to hear.

“You are beautiful.”

“I’m lucky, I finally found you.”

Ignoring the endless uncomfortable itch to ask the questions:  why that word? Why, say that, too early?

Her guard was breaking down.

He started calling.  She stays up late on the phone talking about anything with him.

Things started to be fishy. It’s always fishy when one says something that doesn’t match with what he was doing. He was being sleazy.

She learned, he had many “stalkers”. Prolly women he fooled, who tried to find out who he really is. For, all she knows, he calls her his stalker.

She did her research. It was easy with technology.

Easy to prey. Easy to fall in love to sweet nothings.

But, it’s also easy to bust someone out with a click.

It lasted a little less than two months.

For that one brief encounter, she earned a lifetime of lesson.

She was there 100% for the experience, and when everything did not add up, she left with no regrets.

At least the experience satiated her desire to be a detective.

Case 3: Closed

Lesson: LEARNED!


Recommendation: Don’t buy stories. Inspect what you expect.

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In response to: Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century


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