did a meteorite just fell from the sky?

It was almost 3 in the morning of May 22, 2013 in Davao City, when I heard something fell from our roof. I paused as I heard a loud thud. And then thought, “ahh must’ve been a mango”, but my mind argued “It’s too far from the mango tree and it sounded like something larger than a mango. Large enough to be a “manananggal” or a human being who just jumped onto our roof.”

But, when I paused and turned off my music, there was only silence. And, so since it was almost 3am (and you know what happens during 3 in the morning) I dismissed the idea and went back to what I was doing.

Around 12:30noon I saw a Facebook post from Art:  “now what the fvck just exploded a while ago? the dogs were howling and barking…no firetruck nor police sirens…must be something fell from the sky or that was just my fart? lol but seriously…dafuq was that…it was also heard from different parts of Davao like here in Lanang to Matina to Calinan…still wondering what could that be…”

and among the comments were this:

same ta. saba among iro unya naay nibuto den nilihok ang glass sa anong windows. unsa kaha tu?” (same here. our dog is noisy and then there was a blast our windows even shook. what do you think that was?) – J. H.

Kusog pud akung pagkadunog diri ba.” (it was also loud on my end) ” Bajada ra ko murag ni gawas si boy pick up #Boom pinakalit naa pa dyud ni siga. :))” (im in Bajada, it’s like boy pick up #Boom came out of nowhere and there was even a flash 🙂 ) – J. B.

Kadungog pd btaw ko. Pero abi nako iring lang na natagak gikan sa langit” -(“I heard that too, but i thought it was just a cat falling from the sky”)  E.A.

“Unsa to nahitabo gabie, naa’y sparkling shimmering falling star tapos pag crash dako kaau ang boto .. Kinsa nakabalo ? Buanga lagii” (What happened last night? there was a sparkling shimmering falling star that crashed with a loud bang. Who knows about it? It was crazy!”)

It was funny because, we all thought it was an alien (ufo). But, following thru conversations and confirmations from different people in different areas, and with that “falling star” comment. We can deduce it… to a “meteorite”.

Like the one in Russia back in February: Meteorite hits Russia lighting sky, shattering windows.

So, where is the crash site? And we cannot just dismiss it.. because clearly a lot of people heard about it and just “ignored” it.

On one of my posts H.Burgers commented: “I hear alot talking of it on some of my staff said the same too but I dont know”

Well, it may have been a small one.. but just made a huge blasting sound! Or… .could it be that it was supposed to be big and other “helpful beings” just shrank it’s size? (if you can check the Russian video, you can see that it was large from a far but when it grew nearer the surface area it went smaller. Physics! explain!)

Anyhooo… those are just some of the things… that is bothering me this week.


2 thoughts on “did a meteorite just fell from the sky?

    • thanks big sis! it wasnt reported talaga. i dont think we have the gadgetry siguro for detecting those things. 🙂 all is well! miss you! *hugs*

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