Imaginals for a better Philippines

WARNING: Reading this might awaken your Imaginal* Self. Read with Awareness.

In the frenzy of the elections, I was so excited to cast my vote! I gathered everything I could over the internet, their credentials, speeches, interviews, it was tedious!. I listened to their speeches and tried to see where they stand subjective or objective. Most speeches would delve on who they know, and why they are running. Some are shallow, the usual promises, other speeches were frustrated with the current system, some idealistic.

I only have one vote, and I know that it matters.

For starters, ever since I was young, I tried to ignore government. I mean, come on. Why would my voice matter? Let them run the whole show! I have enough to deal with, growing up, my crushes, my novels I have yet to read, I also need to travel the world!!

But, day to day life… you can see.. our government plays a major role in our society. It affects you in business, in most policies, it reflects in our educational system, our healthcare system, our roads, international conflicts, etc. It’s not everything, yes. But, it plays a certain role and life would be even more fun in the Philippines had it been the ideal good, Imaginal government that it deserves to be.

I’ve seen a few Imaginals* running or in office already. Mostly very successful in their own cities, like Happy L.A.(Davao City), Jason Gonzales(Iloilo), the mayors in Bayawan, small towns with values….

but it takes a huge risk to go after National Government:

Because #1, an Imaginal won’t buy votes. So, that’s a huge factor because majority of our voters are allowing their votes to be exchanged for a mere Php500.oo. There’s even a suggestion by one of my friends from one of his colleagues, Law Nogra, that those who will be allowed to vote are the taxpayers. It’s a great idea. It would make vote buying harder, it will be challenging to have that rule implemented but very possible.

#2 If you are an Imaginal, and if you don’t have a flashy surname(you can marry someone with that surname though), or because the President did not endorse you, you are a goner. We’ve seen that happen over and over again. Even that one person made it to the JAIL and back! Eeeep. And even if that flashy surname is all you have, you’d make it to the Top 5! (Imagine that!). It’s okay to have a flashy surname, but you need to at least face the people.. to whom you will be serving…. it’s just so sad. And you know who I mean.

#3 If you are an Imaginal, you would be needing loads of VOLUNTEER support. From campaign materials, to having food for the working campaign staff, the means to go around from city to city,the marketing you will be needing, the people you need to meet. It requires an orchestrated national BAYANIHAN to push through. And loads of people should support you to pull this off.

So, will the best hope come from the flashy surname, who is blessed with the heart to serve, and a gift to be objective and wise at times without the need to abuse power and authority?

I sure, hope so… because… our country needs a massive overhaul.

But, one thing I know for certain… all hope is not lost.

Because you, the one reading this, can affect a heart and that heart can affect another and there it can go and spread like wildfire. That hope is not lost… because Government is just one part of the change that we are seeking for, but real change, and I know this is overrated but still holds true – is from WITHIN.

Amidst all this, what made me excited was… that more and more people I know, are really thinking and excited for something better. It started with wanting to be a better person, and then  a city, and then a country and ultimately the world.

So, whatever field you are in… just do good.. keep your integrity intact, always look for a better way to find solutions, make ways for win-win situations, without compromising your WHOLENESS, don’t trade your values for a small way out. I would always look back and remember Maria Ressa’s piece on “How Good People Turn Evil – Corruption in the Philippines“. It’s an everyday thing, you have to fight for it every moment. But, don’t lose hope.. because if you do… that’s when it starts to eat you.

Yes, yes, the results are depressing. I am in fact very disappointed… but still we need to move forward. And we can’t let our FUTURE be dictated by the MINORITY just because they are in POWER and they think they can CONTROL us for their own GAIN.

No, there are currently 700,000+ voters who opted to think differently….. and there will be more of us. Di nga lang kasi sila nag vote :/

By the way, anyone can be an Imaginal. If you choose to be! 🙂 We have many names, Lightworkers, Wayseers, Dakila, Hero, Modern Hero, Anonymous, Change Makers, Change Agents, Dreamers, Visionaries, Lovers, Healers, etc…..

*Imaginals: is a scientific term that is relatively unknown to the general public.

The word “imaginal” comes from the science of biology and its study of “imaginal cells”.  The almost miraculous transformation of a worm to a butterfly begins with imaginal cells.  Scientists call these new cells “imaginal” because they are the cells that form the butterfly.  They are the “imagination” of a future reality, the butterfly. These imaginal cells come together and form the tissue, organ,, and ultimately the organism we call the butterfly. MORE: MISSION

Photo Source: Maca-Ronnie


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