Love Notes: Yanyan

Note: song lyrics of Anchor by Mindy Gledhill

Dear Yanyan,

Hi dear!!!

when all the world is spinning ’round like a red balloon way up in the clouds…..”

Let me tell you things I am fond of you…..

though so short a time I have met you that first day when I chose to LEAP with you… at tita lori’es cafe among others….227363_207209612646792_100000732633945_621244_6381061_n

that was april 27 2011.

I always enjoyed your company because you always give life and passion to a lot of things…

i’d forever remember you with your passion when it comes to PRIDE and FREEDOM… and that was truly your advocacy…

and who would forget… ? BEAUTY…. was one of your main manifestation for Freedom!

you were an epitome of depth in the field of FASHION. … you reminded others of the BEAUTY within…. and you also taught everyone how to bring the beauty made manifest…

I’d forever remember you with the following words: “alert alert” “abtik diod, na!” “dear” “sis”….. that was you…


when i catch myself saying those… i remember you. and now and then i’d shed a tear… for those happy memories with you… kasi i miss you eh. 😦

I’d remember our Aletheia days…. the sesame seeds… our talks whenever we walk back and forth from the White House to GCI…. our moments at the bridge… reveling at nature…. identifying sacred spots…..

our moments here at home… though so short… we’d talk about crystals… and other woo woo stuff… and about life.. and you’d tell me about your journey… feelings…and your dreams… which you have been living all along…

You were also my life’s best teacher…. you showed me how to break down walls, and that being sweet is not to be deemed as weak. You need not say it… but you inspired me to break down my wall… to reach out… because “holding back” was always my issue…

Yanyan, you were one of the sweetest beings I have ever encountered. Bubbly, passionate… yeah wild… tender…. loving… elegant even…

I’d miss your smile.. your laughter…

The world.. is forever grateful for your gentle spirit… that you have inspired so many Light Workers… Wayseers…. Imaginals… I say, the world.. because remember the MVP’s?

“There are those who think that you’re strange. They would box you up and tell you to change. But we hold you close and softly say. That we wouldn’t have you any other way” – Mindy Gledhill

I love you dearest friend….

my words are an understatement to how you have….. brought everyone… love, pride and freedom…


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Yanyan’s Consulting Blog


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