when I was little I wanted to be KING


That’s actually a line from a famous self-made (DIY) European artist named Milow of his song entitled Rambo. Milow, happens to be the cousin of a good friend of ours Ate Maya from MISSION who founded Tuburan Institute.

I’m talking about him because thanks to Ate Maya and Ate Kate (Tuburan Institute) they invited us over for an intimate gig with Milow at the Blue Room.

And And And….. He is AMAZING!!!

Clearly an artist….and one would understand why 350,000 people over at FB (Europe) would adore him! He is the type of artist that people should listen more to because he places heart and music all rolled into one… with a dash of uniqueness.

He is out of the box… and a wonderful performer as well. He reminds me a bit of Joey Ayala whenever he asks his audience to sing with him. Not a lot of artists does that by the way.

And, his music is specially good when you listen to it LIVE. Yes, pretty much like Joey. Clean, clear, swoon worthy voice. And he has a way of capturing his audience… I just wish the concert this April 30 with him would push through, because more people needs to hear his music.

Milow also gave the proceeds of his 3 concerts to Tuburan Institute, that’s why he is here in Davao.

One of my favorite songs of him is

this: I was A Famous Singer – Milow


so yeah, that’s a picture of me and Milow! woot. You should just check his music out.. pretty please? paichowooo. oh and we watched it last April 20. 4/20. 420 man! Haha.


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