11:11 and how it’s not the time to wish

It has been awhile since someone nominated me for an award here in the blogosphere!! So, thanks PM!! Blog awards, meme are one good way of keeping the blog community up and running and it fuels certain bloggers like moi for some content. 🙂 Haha.


PM nominated me for the Liebster Award… and she posed the following questions:

1. You have to give up one part of your body: brain or heart? Pick in the context of the debate mind vs. heartor right vs. kind in making decisions.

*Heart! There’s an ongoing study about Heart Math that our Heart got a “mind” on it’s own and it is even coined as “heart intelligence”. For more information: Institute of Heart Math.

2. Fictional characters are great! Would you rather be the hero or the villain in the greatest story ever told?

*Hero! why? I don’t think readers would enjoy if I’m the villain! Haha. A classic example would be this: When it comes to playing “paint ball”, I usually end up with more paint balls on my paint ball gun left than the others. It’s because, I’m afraid I may cause damage/harm to another. 

3. Smart and ugly or gorgeous and dumb?

* definitely, Smart and ugly!!! I love good conversations and usually it’s better when someone in front of me can carry one 🙂 

4. Yes or No: becoming a parent and having kids.

*Yes. 🙂 I’ve attended enough “parenting” like seminars to raise one. Nyahahhaa… and i found a nice “mommy-baby” care support group here as well. So, okay lang! Hahahaha.

5. Yes or No: divorce.

*Yes. I always believed marriage or relationships for that matter is supporting each other’s Well-Being. If both of us feels not supported… then I guess.. there’s no point in sticking around and try to make it work? 🙂 I think I will be needing to do some tweaking when it comes to “our” marriage vow… so we won’t be breaking a commitment. 🙂

6. You are about to do the one best thing that you have always wanted to do ever. What stops you from taking the plunge: your personal fear of failing or your fear of judgment from others?

*fear of judgment from others. I’m aware that one of my waterloo is: “trying to please others”. I find myself saying: “yes” most of the times even if I don’t like it… only because I’m afraid if I would say “no” they would think  less of me…. sooo… yeah. that would stop me. (im working on this one!)

7. For one day, you get to spend the day with this famous person. Will you pick your favorite athlete, your favorite musician, your favorite author or your favorite actor?

*Favorite authorrr!!! Well, I also wanted to answer favorite musician. But, yeah, its really meeting and spending the day with my favorite author 🙂

8. Yes or No: watching cartoons until your ridiculous old age now. (Admit it :lol: )

*Yes! I still do!! mostly japanese one’s! I enjoy them. I often find myself flipping over Disney Channel. Nyahaha. Oh and watching Barbie short movies over YouTube. 

9. The unfortunate has struck: your lover is dying. You are faced with this option: donate your vital organ to save him or her and die yourself while he or she lives without you or let your lover die without doing anything?

*I think I would want to have a good conversation with my lover about this. Romantically, first impulse would be to save my lover and die myself. But, then…. can I just do everything except sacrificing myself? 🙂 Or maybe I’m saying this now, because I have no lover beside me – yet. Haha. 

10. Yes or No: death penalty.

*No. I opted for no… because having this won’t really stop people from doing something “unjust” or so “against the law”. And that it’s simply another form of “collective revenge”. And in one way or another… it’s no way of healing our society or the Earth of our madness. (just my thoughts here..)

11. At a huge crossroad in your life, a decision has to be made which will alter the course of your freaking life. What do you do? Do you take the ridiculous way or the safe way to go about it?

*Ridiculous way!!! 🙂 Even though I have issues with the unknown… I find myself stepping into the unknown more and more…. 🙂 Yes, definitely ridiculous way!!

Photo Source: tumblr


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