Journey On

Fare Well. There’s a reason why it is “fare well” or better yet… “journey on”… and all those “good bye’s”. It’s not that they really left or something… but it’s a Transition to a better place….

Yes, I’m talking about Death whom I see as a Transition to another realm of discoveries, devoid of the weight of one’s physical body which dulls the senses.

Why am I talking about journeying on?

I have two people I admire who passed away this month.

One of my favorite women authors, Debbie Ford transitioned to a better place. One of my dreams was meeting her in person and tell her how much she inspires me as a Lightworker, and of course a memorable snapshot to boot. But no, I never got that chance. I bet Alanis Morisette did! She also inspired Alanis y`know.

“Debbie Ford inspired, comforted, and fueled me to continue growing and aligning myself with my life purpose. I am forever grateful to her for sharing her compassionate wisdom in the ways she has.”

– Alanis Morissette, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter 

It was Debbie who taught me it was okay to accept one’s shadow and work with it. That as much as focusing so much on the Light… I also have to deal with my own shadows. Not to fight, resist it because that’s a big, fat waste of energy. But, to know it.. understand it and accept myself “whole-y”.

I know she lived a full life and in one of her Facebook posts last Feb.10, 2013:

To me, completion is so exciting because you are literally making a choice to leave the past behind. Your commitment to the Code of a Living Heart guides you as you decide what to do next and how to do it. – Debbie Ford.

I love you Debbie!! Your work and message will live with me… and i’ll mix it with my gifts!! 🙂 Thank you for being a courageous warrior!! You are one of the “I am Maria’s” icon of Light and Love.

And there’s this man I met once. In one of the small talks I attended in MISSION. I admired him for his unique work in Peacekeeping. You know peacekeepers could probably be one area that is not given honor where it is due.

And this man, Alber Husin, was one of the most charismatic, true peace maker on foot. And browsing through all the comments by his friends over in Facebook, I can see it was not just me who saw that. But, many who have been close to the man.

We lost one of the best Peace Makers in Mindanao. Not that I understood much of his work extensively, because I only met him briefly over a financial management workshop and a glass of wine with friends. I remember him cracking jokes, giving you that smile and talking about his visions, at least that’s what I remember. And giving pointers to one of my friend, Ate Ayyi who was about to be sent to America as part of a program. That was some a year ago or so. [see photo below].

I guess he was like that. Even if you met him just once. You can’t just forget him. You’d remember him. When I also mentioned it to Ate Gyne who met him that one night with me, she also remembered him and was shocked and sad to know about what happened.

With this, Mindanao grieves…

But, I know… with his stay in this lifetime. Mindanao was blessed to meet one of the gentle guys who walked on Earth and made a difference. Journey on brother Alber. Journey well. [ who would pull a trigger to this gentle tausug by Penelope Sanz ]

photo: [L-R: Maya, Me, Ate Gyne and Alber]


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