25 in Love and Life

yes, i’m 25. (but, in my status..you may catch the: “yes, i’m finally 21!!” which can garner a ruckus on town specially with my biological agemates! time warp everybody!)

so here’s a list of 25 things that life and love taught me along the way….. things i’ve experienced and words I live by. 🙂

  1. Life is Beautiful… and that there are no ordinary moments.
  2. All is Well. [in every moment of the day]
  3. Keep your words. [doing my best]
  4. The results of an intervention depends on the inner condition of the intervenor. our classic formula: R1=(S><s)
  5. The world belongs to the dreamers…. – Eleanor Roosevelt
  6. At the end of the day, always be grateful.
  7. Vanilla, blueberries, chocolates, strawberries, MnM’s and jellybeans are good food for clearing…..
  8. I am enough… and there’s enough good to go around.
  9. Let go and Let God
  10. Keep calm and H’oponopono
  11. We are all connected…. We are One. what you do to another… you do to yourself.
  12. Stay connected with nature… see it’s beauty… learn from it…
  13. Always carry my “eco bag” with me. One plastic a day keeps climate change away.
  14. Live and let live. [ to each his own ].
  15. Love and Respect.
  16. Forgive but do not forget… because in forgetting you will lose your lesson – Paolo C.
  17. Its important to speak as much as it is important to listen.
  18. Always stay in the creative space as much as possible. Challenge the programs. To not be afraid of doing something new and crazy.
  19. Not everyone talks or is in the same wavelength as you. Learn how to navigate from Level 1 discussions to Level 10 conversations.
  20. Have FUN! Be Spontaneous!
  21. All things are Possible. 🙂
  22. Be Still
  23. Changing the world is possible… one heart at a time [ Heart Circle / MISSION ]
  24. Sieze the day!
  25. and lastly my favorite: all choices lead to this: There Is No Alternative Except Love

No fancy parties today, just me and whoever visits home. Open Space. Invite yourself. unlimited coffee and fresh bananas from the garden dito okay? 🙂

Time to reflect…. and to just watch movies and read books… lounge …maybe level 10 conversations that goes from level 1 to 9?with family or whoever arrives at our doorstep..

another first. 🙂

thank you dear God… for another year!! What’s in store?? After my reflections and oracle reading *wink wink*

a vanilla shake on the eve of my birthday

a vanilla shake on the eve of my birthday


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