WILD 2013

Yes, it’s gonna be a WILD ONE. [ insert song: wild ones by flo rida ft. sia ]

Salundiwa by Joey Ayala also helped a lot by allowing me to form my year-end/new-year message!






Perfect, right? 2013 is gonna be zee year.tumblr_mfy4s60BKN1qjocdzo1_500

This year, I choose to keep my desires and visions alive… in my heart.. and manifest them…

I choose to love & respect myself more…. and live my life with authenticity.

I choose to see wonders with my Being and my Life.

I choose to raise my capacity to love to the fullest!

I choose to reap millions and more…. *wink wink*

I choose to create and open doors for opportunities of the many possibilities to what I want to do… and step into it….. [ yes, sustainability of cashflow is here too! ]

there’s no room for hesitations…. because This year, is an adventure!

This year, I choose to believe in the power of love and even more so to give the love around and overflow.

I choose to value my freedom to Live and to Love.

This year is full of celebration…… *dances*

This year is full of spontaneous, fun-loving, carefree, moments.

I choose to surround myself with like-minded people. Meeting more people with the same vision and mission in life. I choose to meet more people I admire in transforming our world.

I choose to consciously clear, clean the land and atmosphere whenever I step in, consciously being the Light.

I choose to be a more passionate, fun-loving, beautiful, wise, Maria. [ I am Maria re-frame]

I choose to paint my world with various colors and make a splash, and leave bold strokes wherever I go. Yes, I am Rainbow! 🙂

I choose to make room for boundless imagination, infinite possibilities, making salundiwa’s everyday, because I know each day is a wonderful opportunity to create and make manifest the unseen….

I choose to become a better version of me!

I choose to discover, and be excited in what 2013 has to offer, specially with the coming solutions…. that would address … okay yeah.. well this goes beyond my personal life na. HAHA.

I choose to be more FREE. and everything that entails freedom…. free from my own belief systems, that I am experiencing myself as the Liberty that I am 🙂

I choose to always always remember the child within, in enjoying the innocence, embracing pure bliss with no questions, to love whole-ly and to laugh at the littlest things in life.

I choose to have more spaces of me-time, of solitude and serene moments to catch up with my soul.. and Spirit… where I am, what I am Be-ing…. to drink in Life… in it’s most calming way…

I choose to learn new recipes to relish *crosses fingers*, never run out of questions to ask, experiences to savor, and new people to meet! 🙂

I choose to believe in the power of travel and dora-dora-ish days, of learning beyond what the books and other people dictate but by experiencing first hand what Life has to offer!

This year, I choose to have more love… laughter… and yes, please… more magical kisses.

Indeed it’s gonna be a WILD one!

Photo Source: tumblr.com


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