2012 was indeed enchanting, despite the lack of the Enchanted River adventure or the Enchanted Farm tour (yes, it’s still on the list!).

And, I was kind of miffed that I did not get to visit those. boohoo.

So, what was 2012 like?

My journey was about purification and a bright light at the end. I met many interesting people and actually my Enchanting 2012 declaration held true for most of the year. Things happened at the right moment and with the right people.

2012 was indeed a magical year for me, it was like being a lovely balloon floating on a soft breeze. I was blessed with various angels, lightworkers, kindred spirits along the way. Of course, I still do get a few ghouls and monsters along the way, but my light and rainbow sizzles the darkness or better yet transmutes it into kindness.

Many people just left my radar or my family’s frequency as I know that would happen since, people who are not meant to journey together will have a “falling out” for 2012. And we experienced so many mangoes falling from our tree, which is a bit sad but necessary for our growth. But, there were also reconciliations.. time does heal wounds… specially when you don’t resist it.

But, more than that… I thought.. life was just about how you can be kind to others, loving others. But, no. The hardest thing in life… is not really about loving other people… but learning how to love & accept oneself. ME. MYSELF. I. But no, I put off things that I want for other people. But, this journey… allowed me to experience myself… -in authenticity.

My life was in frenzy specially after taking on LIWANAG. Everyone was wondering, where do I get my energy? (altho i did experience downtimes by the end of the year. it got to me too) Hah. Definitely not a normal energy… but i’m tapping into the grid… and that’s NATURAL! 🙂

So here’s a recap of exciting, enchanted moments Ive had this 2012…..

New Experiences:

  • Coordinating the MISSION Volunteers Program with 6 Interns from Sweden, USA, Switzerland, Germany, & Australia. It was a wonderful experience.
  • on a Vday, i drove the car for the whole day. coolbeans. tantyado lahat parking space syempre!
  • Toured Museo Dabawenyo. Twas cool. Great tour guide. Coined the term “Imagila’s from there.
  • KAYAK ride! HAHA.
  • experiencing the paranormal @ Iloilo. some nature spirit… @ dusk
  • Colorful Lightning Storm… @ Zarraga. like some light orchestra.
  • the possibility of being a part of a movie production (one of my dreams!)

Who I met: 6 interns (Philip, Louisa, Mirka,Peter, Corinna, & Christian), Atty. Lyka Lopez, Riza Regis (crystal lady of the philippines. author of crystal power), Dra. Jean Lindo (anti-coal plant), Kublai Milan (davao’s esteemed local artist), MISSION members from different nodes: Tita Terry, Ate Grace, Fr. Tito, Ate Tammy, Ate Tressa, Sarah, Louise, . Yogan. Vida. USEP President. PWCs Vice President. Call me maybe guys. Lunch with DXN’s CEO. Julius. Kuya Atho. Ate Kim. Lorraine. Lola B. Tita Au. Kuya Joseph Solar. Mr. 8. Karyl &Rey. Matt Jay. Bruce Conching. Webex Conference with Jeanie & Bonnie (people behind Barbra Marx HUbbard). DXNs COO Mr. Teo Han Ching. Karlo. Kuya Third. Joel Rey. Marlene P. Babes A. Vhong Navarro. Joey Ayala.

Major Events:

  • Paolo’s Lion King Shadow Play
  • Jesel’s baby, Yuhan was born and i was once again a godmama
  • attended a coloring bookshop of Kublai
  • Paolo’s High School Graduation
  • Lunch with DXNs CEO (who says he wants to visit our home)
  • Past Life Regression (long time coming! right moment)
  • Liwanag Launching (Kadayawan)
  • Peace Fair
  • Eurythmy Transitions
  • DXNs 13th Anniversary
  • DXN’s ITSI @ HK  & Macau
  • DSAP Awards. Mom being the Hall of Famer.

Workshops/Trainings I’ve attended:

  • Workshop Courage: Davao (Feb) – organized this
  • Crystal Healing Workshop (March) – organized this
  • Rudolf Steiner Education (March)
  • Biography Workshop 2days (April) – organized this
  • Aletheia @ Iloilo 3 weeks (May)
  • Biodynamic Healing Workshop 3days @ Davao (July) – organized this
  • Liwanag Workshop Courage (July) – organized this
  • Sustainable Initiatives Mapping (July) – organized this
  • Ikepono – 6days (September)
  • Aletheia Reunion (September)
  • Basic Makeup Tutorial (November)
  • DXN Trainor’s Training *6 modules* (November)
  • Sining Bayan (December)

Workshops/Training I’ve facilitated:

  • Heart Circle Workshop in CDO (January)
  • Heart of A Leader at DXN H.O, Quezon City (April)
  • New Game of Networking at DXN H.O., Quezon City (April)
  • Heart of A Leader for SDs (May)
  • Heart of A Leader for SDs (May)
  • Heart Quest 1 & 2 Davao (August-October)
  • Liwanag Quest Workshop for Volunteers (November)
  • Heart Quest 3 Luzon (December)

Projects I started/pursued:

  • AOW received two offers. But, did not push thru yet because cannot commit of the time.
  • DXN Life – we had 3 sets! woot!
  • Love & Liberty Facebook gift shop
  • Team Umalohokan
  • Heart Circle – reactivated. created blog and facebook fan/group page
  • Spirit Keepers
  • Heart Quest Coaching Program
  • New Maria to I am Maria
  • my secret cafe project!

Chillax Mode: I wasnt all work naman ata! 🙂

  • Hayahay overnight with the MVs, Ate Gyne, Kuya Sonni, Ate Nitta and Kuya Nick. (fireflies.stars.skylantern.meeting)
  • Lake Agco trips – iiii
  • Eden Mountain Resort
  • Hayahay with Bruce and re-united friends in diff. networks.
  • Farm tours

Places I’ve been: Cagayan de Oro, El Salvador City, Kidapawan City, Manila, Bansalan, Quezon City, Iloilo, hilly part of Davao, Tagum City, Padada, Urdaneta, Pangasinan, Balanga, Bataan, GenSan City, Hong Kong, Macau,

I have equally dark moments too, allowing myself to experience the wholeness of life and not beating up myself after all those bouts of insanity. I get into disagreements with mom, where I would feel once again that everything I do is not enough. Being very affected with sad news, getting offended, my quirks & pet peeves being tested by people that I meet. Feeling lonely sometimes…. and this dull achy feeling of allowing myself to experience pain, jealousy, angst.

On the brighter side: yoga workouts in between. Learned Tai Chi. Had a short stint with  voice lesson. story telling with kids. fancied herb plants (tarragon, mint, oregano). moonbaths. fabrics. crystals. dated 3 guys. reunions (immediate relatives and LEAP Posible +). relationships renewed. 2 close friends got pregnant (Ate Ji & Chaya). tour guiding. got a bike. nature walks. altars. appreciating rituals. a-ha moments. magic. fairies. angels. venus in transit last june. sacred feminine. rainbows. boodle fights. mom’s enchanted garden. kilig moments, a whole lot of them – katext. kachat. ka-fb. kasama sa kapehan. chikahan. H’oponopono. menstrual cycles. bumping into the owners of business establishments. clearing. deleting. purification. will exercise. sunflower exercise. paying 1.7 M. blue moon. leap year. made an outline for a future book. feeling giddy & inspired. kids running around me and be-friending me. closet conversations about sex with girlfriends over coffee. making friends with strangers, like a kid! smiling at random people sa streets (of course one that doesn’t freak people out).

2012 was a ball of enchantment! 🙂

Thank you 2012 and for the Creative Force behind everything… 🙂


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