Huling Hirit para sa 2012


Yes, a last hurrah for 2012?

Ako na. Ako na ang Seminarista! Its december 30, 2012. It’s a sunday… and I’ve to drag my sort of lazy self to a workshop along with my siblings. Yes, i drag them around a lot! Haha.

But, I’m excited for this workshop… because it was facilitated by none other than Mr. Joey Ayala himself! I’ve been hearing his songs, and how… awake and aware his songs are…. and mygosh, he floored me with how he does things. With all the singing, encouraging us to see things in new ways, and how he creatively incorporates our Language and Culture in his workshops. Aylavet!!!

The workshop is called Sining Bayan by the way.

My take home?

I also learned how to sing our national anthem….. with understanding… and embodying it.

Did something illegal together.. and it was fun. *safe.totally safe. just some techie stuff*

*hiningang dagat. hiningang apoy* yehmen.natural.high.

I’m excited to do all the exercises he shared… I’m sure it will be something I can definitely use in all areas of my life! Ahhhh the life of one that embodies CREATIVITY.

Indeed.. I am experiencing my spiritual contract and embodying my vision.. Thank you God!!:



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