dead of the night

Here I am, at the dead of the night. As gently, our city, where life seems to ooze, begins to rest, after a long, hot, balmy day.

There’s something dead in the air, but there’s also something light bursting forth every now and then. As we draw near, to the purification stage, and as the world crosses it’s fingers about the impending end-of-the-world date. How everyone thought, it was the lucky 12-12-12, only to their disappointment, the wait stretches to 12-21-12.

Things have happened so fast, as if by a blur, typhoon Pablo visited our city, only to cause damage to a nearby province who was then long been bastardized by money-mongering-crooked companies who thought, expansion and growth meant drilling holes to mountains.

Another recent event, in the US, right after the lucky 12, a devastating news reached the netizen world. One word – Connecticut. I never saw the news. Only heard bits and pieces… I just chanted what I need to, in order to release what needs to be released.

Economic downfall. Political unrest. Climate Change.

Among many things, and of course another individual’s precious journey, given.

Like mine.

The longing for something that’s not yet here. Or that my eyes is blinded to what is already existing.

The constant flood of thoughts, piling one after another, the seemingly ebb and flow of ideas…..

the constant re-invention of self….. with the assurance that the Center would always be that – in it’s PERFECT state.

Life. Light. Love. Peace. Joy.



Pretty Soon….

What do you see beyond 2012?


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