Mhmm… alright… seems like Love Department is working it’s ways…. However… I’m just usually going with the flow. There’s something that doesn’t sit well pa with me, and I need to settle that before you know anything else. More clearing. Always clearing. Never ending clearing. But, I am very grateful that angels are just gently nudging me, where I should be.. and trust that whoever I meet… in whatever circumstances will all be kind, loving and healthy relationships. May that involve, the Love Department or not.

Meantime, my Independence Department… is kicking in once again… there’s this huge sense of wanting to go out of the nest and you know.. do things outside my comfort zone… once again! (yeah, as if, I haven’t been doing “beyond the comfort zone” activities.) But, this one…. will definitely… create a huge impact on me…. that will be a story of.. Maria leaves Nest! HAHA.

Anyway, I have simple delights naman sa house… maybe something like a cottage…

Also, I have begun my download of The Listener. Season 1. I waited for 2 days for it to be downloaded.. and guess what? what an epic fail… i downloaded a season where they dub it over with RUSSIAN!!! OMG. Good thing, they have the subtitles.. so it’s like im watching a Koreanovela.. only it’s not. Ugh. Anyway, all for Craig… I just dont want to download again and have to download the same Russian voice over! (No, it wasn’t stated it was russian when i downloaded it!)

Photo Source: fading-suns


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