IRC and beyond

If you ask teenagers today.. nobody knows what “irc” is.

I can’t deny it. I’ve frequented IRC ever since I was in High School with my friends and it was a fun place to be then.

I feel i need to write about IRC because…. it’s something I miss… i felt nostalgic. At least the gold old days… minus the clique wars and catfights. Yup, it’s pretty much like the real world. only this exists on cyberspace. And slowly, slowly, it might be a dying community… with users that ranges from ages 25-above now.

For the past few years around 2008-2011, users are dropping down. In fact, the one our local city often frequents in.. just dropped out… and got a few users na lang. Sad. 😦

SO – basics….

What is IRC? – It’s Internet Relay Chat. it happened way before ym and msn and even facebook! It’s different from the chat you often have when on ym, googletalk or facebook chat. It’s relaxed, you don’t know how they look like… you get to judge them with their nicks… and how they converse… and you even know what country they come from with a simple: “hello”.
Here, you get real conversations and most often than not… indecent proposals. which caused quiet a ruckus in one of our local tv stations one time and threatened to ban the server.. by monitoring it. It has it’s good days and bad days…

How do you connect to an IRC server?

well, you will be needing an IRC client. The most popular IRC client was: mIRC (good for windows user).. and pretty much lovely for techie people since you can create your own “scripts” (program)… ermmm.. that’s advance na! haha.

For those using Mac.. i recommend: Colloquy

I only said dying… because only people who knew IRC back then are coming back (25 above)… yes, because you can install an IRC client now on your android phones…. and iPad’s, Tabs… and whatnots.I don’t know if the old users of IRC knows about this.. but im beginning to see, more and more…. old time users checking the place out.

After downloading a client of your choice (I recommend, you go over and check the instructions that comes with it… a lil google perhaps?. I bet, the internet got a wide range of sources on the “how to” connect.)

There are many different servers.. and each got it’s own… uhmm speciality? Hahaha. or Niche.

So for regular chats:

Undernet –  (channels: #makati,#manila,#davao,#up,#ateneo,#lasalle )

DALNet – (channels: #makati,#manila,#davao,#up,#ateneo,#lasalle )

the local one we had way back then was:

ChatX – ( #davao,#ateneo)

there’s also

Freenode –

Efnet –

more about what happens in there soon! 🙂

Photo Source: MIRC


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