My Philippines: Alaminos, Pangasinan

Imma try to re-visit and re-live good memories from my travels the past 4 years… where I  did not update about my getaways and recent travels.This series will be: “My Philippines”. Where I talk about my experience of the Philippines…..

Not that, it was much…. but, I was quiet fortunate enough to get around places, we never planned to go to!

Alaminos, was one of those trips! Back in 2008, this was a a trip I took with my whole family and the generous, family friend we have – the Gabriel’s. Like, dear angels, they toured us in Baguio first… and then… a spontaneous trip to 100 Islands in Pangasinan.

I only remember encountering 100 islands on postcards back when I was in elementary…. and high school… and ta-da… here i am!!

It was a lovely trip, not only because of the scenery but because of the company we have! We had loads of fun. I think we visited around 2-3 islands, one of which was used during a Pinoy Big Brother series… im not sure what batch…

and it was said, those were the only islands that has enough space for you to settle and swim!

we even encountered an island famous for its jellyfish… and we found one!!! we didn’t dare swim afterwards.. 😛

Till Here….

sandy beaches and jellyfishes,



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