Brain Tired But Spirit Filled

where do I begin? there’s so many things going at the same time, that I literally had a “brain overload” experience. I almost got scared, that I had too much and I would be having the ultimate lesson of a lifetime. good thing, i didn’t. I TRY to TAKE THINGS SLOW….. but with the coming festival come, January…. that would be quiet impossible. Oh DEAR!

what happened?

i just got off a 2 weekend workshop, (which wasn’t a brainfuzz, but very pono-filled activity) and then right after, I had to come up with a one day module – a spin off for the 2 weekend workshop…. and conduct 2 separate workshops.

in between, I have to be a daughter, take care of points (my bread and butter)… and with just one week to organize a weekend-reunion of another mind blowing activity. yes, I say mind as we begin to name and witness events that are happening around us… which is quiet … ermmmm i’m whining na…. in short…

i’m kind of physically tired… mind is… but my Spirit wants to moveeeee!!!

I just have to take good care of my body and get a good rest.

Past few days, I caught up with sleep…..

It was the first time I had that brain overload experience, as I began to hear a sound.. and it literally felt like my brain had a shutdown! I could not understand what they were trying to say.. I was just so inwardly scared, and good thing on that day, I brought my food supplements!! I was just so happy I packed it with me, with my favorite water…. had it not been for that… I don’t know… Hayyy

I’m back to normal… I just have to take things slowly… in every way I can.
can, I just lounge around… one day please????


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