Cloud Atlas

bumped into a wonderful trailer yesterday. and i can’t seem to help but share to everyone I know who would enjoy this film! wahooo. excited for this. and it’s amazing it’s based on a novel!
I wanna read the book. Will scour the bookstores once again for this. Fully Booked got a stock (or so it says online), i hope it will reach Davao! 🙂 Meantime, I’m still on my Red Tent!!! Wew. Not yet over and done with! Just got quiet busy.
Anyway, here’s the trailer that got me excited and enthralled: Cloud Atlas trailer


4 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas

  1. That looks amazing! I’ve come across this book before, but the summary never sounded interesting. I may have to check it out now. =D

    • Yeah. Wanna read the book. too bad our bookstore does not have a copy.. but is already in the process of ordering! Wahooo. 🙂 Have a lovely day!!

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