Angels I Missed

Some two years ago, I met a very loving couple… lemme just call them: Kuya J. and Ate D. πŸ™‚

I call them angels, because they were the ones I’d usually talk and sms to about Life. πŸ™‚ Yes, we talk about Life, Purpose, Love and People… and sometimes even the mundane things.

But, things got quite busy (ever since I joined OCCI/MISSION), I never got around to check and say hi….. But, I would always remember them. Just recently, a month ago, I got to chance upon Kuya J. online and we began talking where we left off… πŸ™‚ I missed those conversations.

I’m blogging about them now, because I was clearing a previous phone I have and I remembered I promised to make a blog post about them.

In my life, they are one of the couples, that I look up to, because of how they are supporting each other in their own well-being. I also draw inspiration from them, and how they are people who live up to their principles. And we would often get into meaningful conversations and discussions. Also the conversations I have with them, makes me pursue my purpose even more…. that despite the insanity our country is having, or the people around us are full of people who only use one another and nothing short to be trusted… we get to trust strangers.
All our friends started out as strangers, but it takes courage, to be open and trusting. That sometimes, the strangers life hands you… are usually angels meant to support you in your journey.

I find myself blessed to be surrounded by people just like them…. that marriage with openness and trust do work better. There are a couple of “couples” I am also surrounded with, that I get inspiration from.. and Kuya J and Ate D. are one of them…
It’s a wonderful example, the relationship we have… I made them meet my mom too… and we all got along well together. Ive been inviting them to visit Davao, I hope one day they would. πŸ™‚

and to this…. I send you prayers and loving thoughts…. and a bunch of gratitude for the trust, openness and wonderful friendship, you have oh, so willingly shared….

and to more shared conversations, purpose… and life shares…. more campfires perhaps? πŸ™‚

loving both of you and wishing all Life’s BEST to the angels I am missing,

from another angel who graced your path…



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