Leaping Love

Hah. No, I have no one I am romantically interested in right now. Im starting to think I wont have that yet. Nor is my future leading to that direction. Oh dear. And to think each year Ive been turning 21 since what-something year. (growing older daw!) Anyhoo, I wont worry about that… I still have a mission and it doesn’t involve romantic love boohoo. Oh, the things one needs to set aside all for the future of humanity.

Anyway, I’ve had the best month… so far… If best means being busy amidst everything well, I guess it’s alright.

For the first time, I was able to coordinate 6 MISSION Interns hailing from 4 different countries (Australia, Germany, US and Switzerland) under Youth Initiative Program (YIP) based in Sweden. It was a fun experience. and it strengthened the teamwork of our node. Also, I spent my birthday and VDay with them. It was kind of momentous since we are planning something HUGE for the world… on those days. 🙂

We also celebrated my dad and my sister’s birthday. Family bonding! (as always!) We’ve been eating cakes for quite some time now. What with 3 birthdays in a month? 😛

And our community in business also had it’s first big event for the year…. we welcomed new distributors… and honored/recognized the newly promoted SA’s and SR’s. Which ended well. What’s best is in between those awards we experienced “reconciliation” between a close business partner of ours. Some people do come and go….. and sometimes it needs time for wounds to heal… and reconciliation is indeed possible… it was one of the most precious moments. 🙂

In a nutshell… this month… is a leaping love.. aside from containing an extra day for the year…

  • i was able to visit the beach (with the Interns and beloved friends) (island)
  • visited a medicinal Lake at the foot of Mt. Apo called Lake Agco (to highlands adventure) connecting with nature was love. 🙂
  • meet the crystal healer Ms. Riza Regis
  • planned something for the world
  • got a coloring book signed by a local artist Kublai
  • fulfilled most of my commitments
  • a close friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl
  • also attended a baptism of a friend’s baby i am to be a godmama again!
  • organized a Workshop:Courage
  • planning for AOW’s comeback! WOW. im finally meeting the right team!

29 days and that’s what I got? 😛

But, the journey isn’t as easy or light as it sounds. I’ve experienced a few downtimes myself… which made me want to hibernate.. a luxury I don’t have yet as of the moment.

And I still am not as disciplined as I wish to be when it comes to meditation and personal mastery exercises…. I wanna do it… but i dont want to beat myself out of it…

I plan to make a schedule… so I can see what I am supposed to do for the week…

Wew. I need a lot of sage sometimes too for clearing!! Ahhh

but the month’s good to me. really good. 🙂

I am really in gratitude to God who has been leading me and my family….. He was always so loving… and very unconditional. He knows where our heart is….. 🙂 Loveee you!!

Image Source: Fuckyeahartistic


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