The Imagila’s

It’s not the end of the month… yet, but the days are pretty “not the usual” days we have… like ALWAYS. 🙂

February, is usually an exciting family event since we will be celebrating 3 birthdays in our family, (me, Darlene and my Dad). 🙂

This year, it’s a wee bit exciting and BUSY since it announces the arrival of 6 MISSION Interns from 4countries (U.S., Australia, Switzerland and Germany). It was a wonderful experience to finally meet them since I was the de facto point p

erson… but good thing Ate Ayyi arrived just in time to meet them as well. Which was equally wonderful. 🙂

We had Workshop:Courage last Feb.11-12. And it was a wonderful mix, and the consciousness of the group seems high and on day 2 everyone was dancing.. and thinking of bonding together.. and meeting after 30 days. 🙂

I spent my birthday with the Imagila’s 😉 and went to Kublai’s coloring book launch.

It’s amazing how things fall perfectly. For years I’ve been wanting to

meet people who are active in societal transformation and here I am… finally planning something to make Davao-Philippines and ultimately the world.. a sustainable society. 🙂

Also on Valentine’s Day? Well, what better way than to spend it around downtown with the rest of the Imagila’s! We went to Crocodile Park and met the landed owner Mr. Sonni Dizon discussing about partnering together in a world festi

val we plan to create. And then our meeting with Acting City Administrator Atty. Lyka Lopez over at City Hall… and then MUSEO DABAWENYO..

At MD, we found out something about the eagles… (Imagila’s – Imaginal + Eagle) that Eagles are monogamous, they are very choosy and they stick to one lover! UH-OH!!! HAHAHAHA. Right about the choosy!

Oh and yeah for the rest of the day I drove downtown! WOW! GREAT BIG WIN! It’s actually fun na… i miss the wheels! HAHA.

Ended the day with what? With dinner.. .with my family and Ate Ayyi and Ate Monica… at home. GREAT FUN! 🙂



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