Enchanting 2012

It’s the time of the year to state my intentions for the most-awaited year of the century! 2012.

I chose enchanting because it’s the year of the dragon… which I have adopted as my year… but, I just found out I am rabbit (technically). However, I am a mix of the two! Haha.

So here goes:


I choose to be enchanted by life.

I choose to walk with intention. I choose to be more AUTHENTIC.

I choose to increase the intensity of my love to match the intensity of the year.

I choose to not be dazzled by shopping and to stop buying things that are not important. To consume less and live more.

I choose to focus on the essentials and not the non-essentials.

I choose to meditate, sit in silent more, commune with nature, to always do clearing and shielding for the intense energies to come. I choose to get more rest and be grounded and drinking lots of water.

I choose to do yoga. 🙂 I choose to be more organized.

I choose BE-ing more… being love, joyful, excited, compassionate, vibrant,enchanting, creative, beautiful

I choose to be who God wants me to be.

I choose to embrace humanity with love and light, to embrace each moment and life itself! I choose to live fully!

I choose to surround myself with like-minded people. Meeting more people with the same vision and mission in life. I choose to meet more people I admire in transforming our world.

I choose to be successful in my inititatives (Heart Circle) and then two other initiatives I have in mind that I am birthing….

I choose to create more financially in DXN and also keeping options open to other possibilities that will be opened for me to provide us in continuing our support in MISSION and our growing initiatives in supporting the Earth and meeting sustainable societies..

I choose to make positive changes to help/support the transformation of Philippines.

I choose to be more patient with people I have judgements on. I choose to focus on the wonderful things on every person.

I choose to be a better daughter, sister, friend, lover, colleague and team mate.

I choose to follow through commitments. I choose to say NO when I have my hands full already.

I choose to have the best time of my life in serving humanity.

I choose to have fun and spread my happiness around.

This year… I choose to smile and laugh more…

I choose to travel and create awesome, fun, safe adventures….

I choose to continue my fish, veggie and fruit meals… I only choose to eat meals or food that are energetically good…

I choose to listen(see/feel) to my angels and guides.

I choose to ride the majestic dragon with excitement and intense love… and good vibes all year round!

Hello.. Enchanting 2012!!

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4 thoughts on “Enchanting 2012

  1. this is such a great post, tins
    i love the word “choose”

    eto na pala bago mong bahay
    i like it here

    btw, bday ng malibay
    greet mo naman kami!

    • omg ngayon ko lang nabalikan ang blog ko. i owe you one!! Happy Happy Birthday Malibay (kahit super belated). naninibago sa bagong bahay.. di pala dretso lumalabas ang comments. just saw them now. 🙂

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