the Fab 2011

2011 was indeed a FABULOUS year for me. As what I declared in Facebook and over my blog.

This year I fell in LOVE with LIFE, and with every person that I meet.

Though I still have my pet peeves and I get annoyed now and then by few people measured by the fingers on my hand…. I get to appreciate their existence. Really.

Success is indeed a cocktail mix of love, kindness, compassion, integrity, passion, focus, determination, and being committed and it ain’t a stroke of luck. It might seem like that because when you mix all those, you simply get – magic!

This year, I stopped playing the “unworthy” game…. thanks to wake up calls by my Coaches (Jic, Bong, TJ and Father Allan).

This year, I tried my best to practice what I preach. But, of course there are moments where my reactive mind goes woo-woo and ego goes hee-haw! But, that’s why I am taking the path to personal mastery….(witness to this would be my immediate family who gets the blows! sorrrryyyy!!!)

This year, we created a lot of “campfire” sessions like Kamustahanay with the Imaginals, our mindful LEAP gatherings, and our documentary film watching….intimate sessions over coffee, and whenever we bond we make sure we ignite each other’s fire.Let us all burn without burning out!

This year, I valued doing everything 100%, for Zen Masters it means being fully present in the moment. And true enough when one does everything 100%, our results outweigh what we intend.

This year, made me realize that I worked my way up with a hesitation. I believe I can be remarkable in everything I do, however I was hesitant to do all things 100%. I am nudged all the time by my guides and angels when I hesitate and I always come to my senses! Thank you dearest guides! I know I’ve been quite ma-drama with my “inarte” when in the end, I know that I know that I will be doing it. Despite everything, once I set my heart into it…. everything followed smooth sailing and sometimes it’s even an exciting ride with a lot of wonderful surprises in stored!

I began to appreciate the simple yet extraordinary moments in my life. Such as having an intimate talk with a girlfriend over coffee or pizza. (Ana, Matet, Mona, Phoebe, Abigail, Irish, Ate Ge, and June Mae)

There were days in this year that I was a grouch, and can be nasty at that. But, I know that past emotions are just rising up and I just honor it, feel it and kiss it goodbye.

I also began learning how to manage time and making my days full at most and then getting to do nothing but ground and lounge around after those “full days” A full day meant 4-5 meetings in a day! Mixing friends-business-advocacies-family all in one day! Whew! Remember, I am a Light Worker, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a service center directress, a healer, a speaker and everything in between. [ Hey, Tina got time to squeeze in LOVE? ] I took time to live a balanced life, though!

Someone even asked me…. “Where do you get all this zing and zest life? How do you manage to stay positive amidst everything?”

Well, here’s my secret… when it’s my “off” day…. I avoid human interaction. And just simply sit with me. And then I’d talk to my angels… or go oracle reading… then things will turn around. Or I go journal writing.

This year, I met countless of people who deserves another blog post as I try my best to describe how they shaped my 2011 into a fabulous year!

And to my dearest family… Pa, Ma.. .thank you so much for bearing with me. All my inarte. Mwahahaha. That only you guys know…. thank you for the patience… the unconditional love and support… specially in MISSION! Thank YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for being my “devil’s advocate” whenever you test out my crazy ideas…. but thank you for honoring those ideas whenever I can defend it. Hehe. Loveeee you!!

And Darlene…. Thank you…. for bearing with my… uhmmm “creativity” when it comes to placing things in our bedroom. Can’t you see that those shawls draped over  our double-decked bed acts like an accessory? or the way the bags would spill over with its content staring up on you or the luggage left at the floor and you just have to sigh and close it yourself… thank you. please be patient… as im thinking of ways to let go of all the clutter….To Paolo.. thank you as well for bearing my weird affection. Sometimes happy but sometimes a grouch. Sorry! work on progress here. I didnt say I was a master and a saint that is ready to be painted on church walls!

And to all my friends.. old and new… you will forever be etched in my heart…as i said detailed posts will be done next year! Hahaha. 🙂

Statistics for the year: I drove 13 times, conducted trainings/co facilitated workshops 13 times, went to the gym 8 times, the beach 4 times, nightlife 3 times, massage 4 times, and innumerable coffee,pizza,resto dining… and 10 kilig moments 🙂

Ive been to:

Cebu City (2), Tagum City (3), Island Garden City of Samal (1), Zamboanga City(1), Ipil (1), Dipolog City (1), Metro Manila (8), Padada (3), Dumaguete City (1), Cagayan de Oro (2), Iligan City(2), Butuan City (1), General Santos City (2), Cavite (1), Marbel (1), Batangas City (1)

And as I close a chapter of my life… 2011…. I bid hello to a 2012… I have yet to find a theme suited for 2012…. 🙂


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