Wabi Sabi Life and Love

I was intrigued by this term when I read an article by Arielle Ford and it turns out she’s writing a book about it called “Wabi Sabi Love”.

Okay, you might ask… what? Wasabi what? Isn’t that the super hot green paste Japanese seems to love?
No, It’s Wabi Sabi…..
What is Wabi Sabi?
“Wabi Sabi is the ancient Japanese art form of finding perfection and beauty in imperfection.”
Isn’t that just wonderful?
Photo Source: Perfectly Amiss
They have even arts dedicated for that… thus the popular term Wabi Sabi Art…
Now, I suddenly remembered the basic principle of Ikebana, when I attended a mini workshop with Lady Tirol (the Japanese art of flower arrangement) … which is somewhat related to this.. because one of the founding principles of Ikebana is to let “nature” be. Meaning, if this certain flower got a wilted leaf on it… one just allows it because it’s nature. So, they don’t usually recommend taking the wilted leaf and they say it’s part of the beauty of Ikebana.
I am just impressed and very inspired with how rich the Japanese arts are. I just love how their teachings on Wabi Sabi and Ikebana incorporates life and nature. And how life can be interconnected to art…
and not just that… how Wabi Sabi can be adopted as a way of life and love… the beauty of nature and simplicity… this also teaches how to be in the moment… to accept things the way they are and appreciate them instead of seeing all the things we don’t want and the imperfections all around us. and it also helps us become more aware of what we deem of as imperfect… may it be the weight, the pimples, the warts, the unwanted fats in certain body parts, the eyes, the nose, the skin…. and accept them… being comfortable in our own skin…
so yeah…
with Wabi Sabi life and love,

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