Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

What started off as a reluctant choice to join LEAP turned out to be one of the greatest choice I’ve ever made.

I just graduated under the rain and wind of the storm Falcon, even threatening our graduation to be called off, but nevertheless it pushed thru. My forecast: bright sunny morning worked as the sun showed at around noon somewhere in Antipolo.

June 26, 2011 was a date I would never forget as we had our final circle….. as 57 of us are now officially called a “LEAP-er”. It paved way to tears, a whole lot of gratitude and most of all overflowing with love as it manifested from our hugs and kisses. It was heartbreaking to say “adieu” to our Head Coach and our 13 Coaches….. specially those who touched my heart and had our personal encounter (Coach Bong, Coach Jic, Coach Charette, Coach Marco, Coach Kai, Coach Tj, Father Coach Allan, Coach Aaron….)

I’ve experienced so much with my bond from them despite us coming from different background and culture, we shared unconditional love and gratitude and being in the moment and each making our own POSIBLE+ story….

My journey with them was exhilarating…. I felt genuine love and friendship… It even paved way to a POSIBLE + Story… which I will later impart since it deserves a whole new different post….

our Leap Night last June 23 was also jam packed amidst the rain….. the support from other teams and our family and friends were awesome.

LEAP POSIBLE +…… thank you so much for accepting me as I am…. for the love and support… the laughter and the tears…. I will forever treasure you…..

We are currently having our own “separation anxiety”………. missing each other…. cannot concentrate… wanting to bond every weekend… arrrghhh…

parting with them…. is such sweet sorrow….

till we meet again my beloved team….

love and kisses,

I am Love and Power!


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