Fabulous 2011

So long 2010… and Hello 2011!

2010 was a great year for me!

And even up to the last day… 2010 gave me one eye-opening experience… and I learned something about myself. That with everything I have gone through, I still do get scared and I have a lot of doubts in my mind – STILL. I also realized the mind is powerful but not as majestic as the heart. That the mind still relies on what you feel. And that what you feel does the rest of the job. What a work it is… to really get out of my mind and come to my senses….. what a greater work to get out of my box….. Arrrgghhh… that it’s easier to post a status message over at Facebook than actually doing it. But, hey… just because I posted it.. doesn’t mean I am already there.. I posted it because I needed the reminder. That was my year-end drama… now I have one last chance na lang daw. Booohooo. Pass this Tina… transform transform…

And I am even looking forward for a fabulous 2011.

(I have always planned to post a 2010 checklist but I guess I will have to post it later).

Meanwhile for my blog ritual… Imma post what I shall be having

This year…. is going to be a fabulous one for me!

I am choosing to do wonderful, unexpected things.
I choose to be more kinder…
I choose to be progressive and not procrastinate (Go Crown Ambassador!)
I choose to be a better woman inside and out…
I choose to stop running away (i almost attempted that just recently. ego still soooo strong.)
and with that….
I choose to tame and befriend my ego…

I choose to face all fears with confidence.. (GO TINA!!!)
I choose to see the beauty of the sunset..
I choose to have a “PERFECT DAY” once a month. =)
I choose to think out-of-the-box (Think RANCHO!!!)

I choose to focus on what I want and not by thinking what others might say…
I choose to surprise people – in a good, fun way. 🙂
I choose to be more cheerful and more charitable…. specially to the people I have judgments with.

I choose to be more adventurous (Gooooo extreme sports! HAHA!)
I choose to be fit slim and healthy as I can be for me and my family! (Sign up na TINA!)
I choose to lose the excess weight that does not serve me for the past couple of months! 🙂
I choose to be open to changes…
I choose to be more relaxed and beautiful…

I choose to go to even more places in the world I have never been before..
I choose to be more patient to people I do not like..
I choose to be the best girlfriend ever! *hearts&flowers*
I choose to have no obstacles… only challenges and opportunities to learn. 🙂

I choose to focus on more wonderful things about every person I meet…. =)
I choose to simply savor love and life… =)
I choose to stay awake more…
I choose to be more outgoing and free spirited…

I choose to change the world in my own little way…
I choose to not be weary in doing good…
I choose to lovingly serve everyone I meet… (just stay awake Tina!)


Cheers for a wonderful 2011!

Let’s keep our vision and make this world a better place!


13 thoughts on “Fabulous 2011

  1. "I choose to see the beauty of the sunset.." – i like this.. hope you can accomplish all that you have listed. You have a very fabulous year I agree.. Happy new year!

  2. PM: thanks PM!!!Ced: haha. yeah. enrolled sa gym para may stamina!!! hahaha.Blotspace: thank you!! i think you fancy sunsetsss!! :)Along: oiiii!! hahahaKuya Angelo: Thankkk youuu!!

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