Magic 08

Happy New Year Everyone!

I would like to thank everyone who “decided” to be with me for the past few years. Thank you for sharing a part of you to ME and that includes each and everyone of you – reader or not, offline or online.

This year…

I choose to stop and smell the coffee..
I choose to step out and feel the sunshine…
I choose to celebrate MOMENTS….
I choose to celebrate LIFE…

I choose to find time to DREAM more…
I choose to DEDICATE every moment for my Purpose.
I choose to respond and not to react to any circumstance….

I choose to give myself a break….
I choose to celebrate JOY and PEACE….
I choose to build my own rainbow….
I choose to adorn my life with LAUGHTER…

I choose to believe in MIRACLES and even to MAKE THEM HAPPEN….

This year….. I Choose to CELEBRATE ME!

They’re supposed to be “I WILL” but it is sooo FUTURE TENSE. I want to do them NOW!

but then… those choices are a step-by-step process.. but right now I am feeling them..even if it’s not around. πŸ™‚

Once again… thank you for sharing me your journey, and for taking time to let me share to you MINE =)

Have a magical new year! πŸ™‚


Thank you to Pretty Life Online for regarding my blog as a TREASURE. (what a way to start a new year and my first post in 08).

Each and everyone of YOU is a TREASURE in your own special way but I’d like to give this “You are a Treasure” award to 8 blogs for the year 2008 as a good start:

They are all a TREASURE in their blogs and in REAL LIFE. (eventhough I haven’t met most of them pa.)

to the 8 Treasures….

Arianne, Sis Ychel, Bam, Ate Mari, Fruity Oaty, Kuya Angelo, Quincy, and Donya Quixote.

Continue to live life from the INSIDE OUT because that’s where the REAL TREASURE can be found.


14 thoughts on “Magic 08

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR TINAPIE!!!! All the best and wish all your dream come true. I am here wishing you, your family, friends and whoever is reading this… a 2008 that is filled with happiness, good health, joy and love. Cheers! *HUGS*

  2. Da best in the whole world daw fireworks display namin dito this year Tin….! Kumusta naman dyan, teka nasa davao ka pa rin ba….? Masmasaya pa rin NYE dyan di ba, next time i-try ko talagang umuwi sa phils para masmasaya naman NYE ko…. =D……HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!……

  3. Aww, that’s so sweet! :)I THANK YOU for sharing yourself, your life, your joy, lessons learned, etc… in your blog.I wish you the best in 2008, truly.Regards,Massa P @

  4. ang cute naman nung ginawa mong tula ba yun?? ang cute po.. anyway sana po magawa mo lahat yung mga plano mong yun this 2008.. at sana po mas maging prosperous ang 2008 para sayo at sayongt pamilya..

  5. Waaah tagal ko nang hindi naka-punta dito i miss it here!!! happy new year tina! Sensya na busy-busyhan sa school LOL! haha kmusta naman?

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