City of Smiles

I got back from Bacolod, the “city of smiles” yesterday(August 11). We stayed at Grand Regal Hotel conveniently located in front of Gaisano Mall, hosted by Mrs. Talas a very generous woman and a very great host at that.

Mom and I attended a special business event(August 8, 2007) that was coordinated by Bacolod’s Charity Prince Joery Llanera. It was a good show. I had fun.

The next two days (August 9 and 10), mom trained 30 leaders and I had a great time seeing how the training changed their outlook in life. We received a lot of good responses from them and mom said she had a lot of fun with the network leaders. πŸ™‚


I never got the chance to tour around the place but at least I got the chance to eat out at two of their best “eating places”.



There is an eating place they call “pala-pala” or “tulahan”. You get to buy fresh seafood at the back (wet market) and have it cooked at the eateries in front. Just take your pick. The place is near the seashore, that’s why seafood comes cheap. The facade of the eateries may look like an ordinary karinderya but oh boy…. their food is great.

TIP: if you want good food, just have it cooked at an eatery where numerous people eat because I’m sure they serve YUMMMYYY food. We ate at an eatery called “Hyskos” twice.


This restaurant also serves great food. It’s cheap (compared to restaurants here in Davao that serves the same food), and very yummy. The interior of the place is good and it has a great service. (Wow! Writing about food made me hungry tonight. *growls*).

I ordered their cheese sticks… and by gum you wouldn’t say “bitin” because it’s very CHEESY (unlike other cheese sticks I know served in other restaurants here in Davao).

One dish perked my interest was the “porbidang kangkong”, because of it’s name. It’s probably “porbida” because it’s hot and spicy. Very Very yummmmyyyyyy….. !!!

I did not get to taste Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal which is pretty much popular and Bacolod’s known for that… but at least I got to be in two places that serves great food with a low price.


Till here! Have a great week ahead!!


24 thoughts on “City of Smiles

  1. Ang sarap ng food. Nagugutom na tuloy ako. LOL. Darating din ang araw at makakapunta ako dyan. This week we’ll be heading to Ilocos.. road trip with my friends. Wee

  2. Hay gusto ko rin makapunta dyan! Hehehe… Glad you and your mom had fun, Tina. Always good to have fun moments with your mom ano? :)Alam mo ba nasayang tiket ko papunta dyan sa Bacolod last May. Kasi naman nagkaron conflict sa sched ko sayang talaga. Pero oks lang, nabawi ko naman money heheHave a great week ahead! And thanks sa pagdalaw sa akoni site ko πŸ™‚

  3. wow!! ^-^ ang sarap tignan nung mga pagkain nkakatakam namimiss ko na ang mga filipino foods d2 kc kulang sa lasa mga food nila sa mga restaurant unlike saatin malasa tlaga tsaka msasarap ^-^ nkakatakam naman hehehehe

  4. I always thought that Cagayan de Oro was the city of smiles… :)Anyway, please don’t forget your “I’m joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit!” post ok? It’s required for you to be able to receive your e-ticket to the event. Didn’t you get the email regarding this requirement? There are links in the post that you have to include as well…

  5. hi tina!it’s so nice that you visited Negros. How’s your stay at the hotel?Btw, I’m an hour travel from Bacolod. I wish you told me you went there. hihiIt’s so obvious that you enjoyed the food.Inasal’s really a hit.Take care of yourself and may God bless you.Best hopes to your Mom.

  6. Aside from Iloilo and Cebu, I love going to bacolod because of the food and the people.I know u will enjoy the place. The people are so nice and malambing.

  7. ive been to bacolod for a couple of times some years ago for a project. and yes, eaten at pala-pala. it was a hearty meal indeed – having your seafoods, soups, and all cooked fresh from the market stalls.

  8. hello tina,thanks for sharing, esp. the pics, of the hotel…diri pod mi naka stay, last and first namon visit here….the hotel was nice and clean…the foods too…and of course in front ang Gaisano…what i observed there in bacolod, they are friendly and always smile…tapos barato pa sila compare in cebu or in our place dumaguete….sarap pod ila mga foods….i like to go back there again…if you have time, pls view our pics, there, yr 2005 pa ni….

  9. wow ate ha.. GRAND hotel tlga.. hehehemukang nag enjoy kayo tlga jan.. well talagang nag enjoy ehehesarap ng mga pagkain… sana anjan ako. .wahahaha. ingat ka lagi ate.. mwah

  10. ang saya naman ng trip nyo sa bacolod.. sana ako din makapunta dyan..grabe nagutom ako sa mga pinakita mong mga pagkain.. hehehe.. seafood!!!! wah mahilig pa naman ako sa ganyan.. dito kasi sa manila ang hirap humanap ng mga ganyang restaurants na mura.. sayang lang hindi mo nasubukan ang chicken inasal.. yun yata ang pinakapopular na pagkain dun eh.. ^_^

  11. That cracked me up…that “porbidang kangkong.” What a name for a dish. I’ve heard of chicken inasal, and I’ve got the recipe, but have not tried it, yet. Oh, I know, there’s a Pinoy resto here that serves inasal. Hmmm…maybe, I should try it one of these days. Sounds like you enjoyed your trip to Bacolod.

  12. wow! yummy. nakakagutom.. pahingi! ahhehe… ang layo talaga ng napupuntahan mo.. πŸ™‚ kung makakpunta man ako bacolod, for sure hindi ako sa hotel baka sa tabi-tabi lang.. basta ilonggo, masarap magluto!!!!

  13. I miss Bacolod! natira kami doon,but that was a very looong time ago. sana na try mo rin ang “manukan” doon, the best sa Chicken barbecue.Good to hear that you had fun, ‘though. πŸ™‚

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