China Convo part two

More Convos:

Sammi: Do you know any Chinese song?
Ed Hao: Yeah, Kong kway la… *sings* Buchikeee
Sammi: Haha. Do you guys know about General Mao?
Everyone: Yes..
Sammi: How about Jackie Chan?
Everyone: Yes…
Sammi: How bout Sammi Lee?
Everyone: *mumbles* huh?
Ramil: Oh I know Sammi Lee, She is the sister of Fami Lee (family)

*gah pinoy talaga ang korny!*

Sammi: Everyone hungry now? We will have dinner already.
Someone: What’s the dish?
Sammi: Chinese.
*everyone disappointed*
Sammi: Why, you dont want Chinese food?
*almost everyone said no* ( who would not get fed up if 8 consecutive days your lunch and dinner was purely chinese lauriat style and same type of food? )
Sammi: Do you guys know the 4 best things in the world?
Someone: What is it?
Sammi: You don’t know? Ok I’ll share it to you… Number 1 is American money.
Everyone: Ooohh…
Sammi: Number two Japanese Y.
Noel: Y? What?
Sammi: Japanese Y.
*me thinking yen*
Noel: Y? Why? Explain it!
Sammi: Japanese waif.
Ed: Ahh.. Japanese wife.
*everyone laughs*
Sammi: Number three French perfume….
Sammi: and Number four Chinese food.
Noel: Who told you? Maybe you just made that up ha.
*everyone laughs*
Ed Hao: What about the 4 worst things in the world?
Noel: What?
Ed Hao: Number 1 House in Tokyo.. very expensive.
Ed Hao: Number 2 English cook
Ed Hao: Number 3 American wife.. a nagger
Ed Hao: and number 4 a Filipino salary.

Sammi: *talking about General Mao*
Noel: Wow! thanks for the information. tomorrow we will talk about General Hao.
*everyone laughs*

Im in a bit of a hurry. Have to sleep. -_- I just updated. 🙂 Ill be sharing a lot of infos when Im back in Davao. 🙂 See you all.


9 thoughts on “China Convo part two

  1. I think na tama nga yung 4th WORST in the world. The Filipino salary. Kahit anong kayod ata ang gawin ng mga pinoy, hindi pa rin talaga makukuha yung ‘deserved’ na sweldo.Tsk.And yeah, mahal ang house and lot sa Japan kasi kaunti lang ang lupa nila. :putakGAGO | 12.14.06 – 10:06 pm |

  2. wow!nyahahaha! funny- really… makapunta nga ng china! hope, makakaovercome ako n a conversation.. hehek.. rest ka muna… next time, isama mo naman ako. hehe.. joke lang,.richard | Homepage | 12.16.06 – 12:07 am |

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