Ancient China

Weeee! My parents’ room in Shanghai has a free broadband access. So I can at least be in touch for 4 days! oh dba? 😛

Beijing is SUPER COLD(-16 – -4), dry and windy but unfortunately I did not witness any snow falling from the sky. Snow would start in January.

I learned a lot from this trip. =) I will share it when I’m in back in Davao with the pictures para colorful! haha.

Shanghai is WET and a bit cold. RAINY!!! I love rainy days…. when I’m inside.. but outside? tsk tsk… nu-uh.

I can’t think of anything else. Everything’s COLD HERE even the dishes. haha. *GAH*

Mag DXN na kayo tataba kayo sa kain pag sila ang nag host ng trip. Imagine Breakfast buffet, lunch(lauriat style 10 dishes, unli rice,) and dinner(lauriat style 10 dishes, unli rice) for 10 days?!!!

Anyhow… I’ll blog hop.. 😛 and read all your posts!!! MISS YOU ALL. 🙂

Pinoys are known to be a happy group and loves to joke around. Happy bunch of people. Fortunately my team (we were divided in to two teams) has a few jokers around and our tour guide in Beijing was really good.

Here are some convos I overheard:

Mean Stewardess.
Stewardess: Anong company kayo? Iisa lang ba?
Mom: Yup, DXN.
Stewardess: Kaya pala magkakilala. Ilang days kayo sa China?
Mom: 10 days.
Stewardess: Ang ganda 10 days. 10 days kayong maninigas.

Vicki (Tour guide): We have a different government here in China and I heard that the Philippine government is corrupt.
*everyone laughs*
Everybody: Nooo….
Someone: Not all.
Vicki: You sure? I encountered some Filipinos from electronics department.. *sharesthestory*
Someone: Oh, corruption is evident in 13 regions.
Vicki: How many regions you have?
Someone: 13.

Vicki: Mr. Hao? You will do magic for us tomorrow? Or sing?
Ed Hao: Eherm. I cant sing in public, I just signed a contract in Star Records.

*Mr Ed giving us a magic trick while singing*
Ed: Ang tiguwang (the old man…)… *sing*
Vicki: What’s tiguwang?
Nestor: The old man.
Ed: That’s Jose Tan!
*everyone laughs*
Ed: you should marry a Filipino. Filipinos are loving like this *kissingsound*
Vicki: Yeah. They said I go to Manila and look for the 4M.

Bing Hao: Jose oi. Tama na ang benta. Sunod na. Oi.. tsk..

Ed: This would be my last trick. If you want more, just visit room 511.
Nelson: Ticket sales through Jose Tan.

Prajith: How are you guys doing
Everyone: Great!
Someone: Great Wall!

Ed: Ok, thank you everyone. Mhmm *looks around* Saan na ang emcee?
(emcee was outside counting the pesos of the people to be changed into yuan)
Someone: Nasa labas nagbibilang ng pera
(enter Ramil)
Ramil: Thank you for waiting. We were joking outside and thought that with all the money we can go back to the Philippines.

There were more jokes but I wasnt able to record all of them. 😛


22 thoughts on “Ancient China

  1. wee.. tina! kabalo na ko unsaon pag pabalik sa layout!.. hehe..kalingaw sa convos oink.. hehe..uu lingaw mi didto.. katong nag islang hopping na mi.. hihi..nice sa vanishing island..weird lang tung starfishes..eeww.. i hate starfishes.. grrrr…Avy | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 3:01 am |

  2. heyy Tina!thats cool!free broadband access :Daww,too cold huh? -16?-14?uh oh..take care at iwasang mafreezefunny huh?pero ang mga pinoy talaga,jolly at di mawawalan ng tawa at ngiti.enjoy it while it lastsghee(amesweet) | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 3:08 am |

  3. wow parang ang saya saya sa beijing, ang klit ng mg converstion nyo with the guide kaaliw. ano ba temp ngayon dyan pagbalik mo sa pinas medyo malamig na rin.ingat ang enjoy!iskoo | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 3:34 am |

  4. Wow! Great dat u r in Beijing, China! I’m interested 2 go there, pro I dont hav d money 2 go to dat place. But, I know how 2 speak their language, Mandarin Chinese! U too?Kenneth Porio | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 4:49 am |

  5. hehe. musta na ka dai? nice kaayo imong trip bah… 😀 happy Christmas in advance dai.. hehe :Dkath | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 5:55 am |

  6. sarap naman ng holiday na iyan, ingat lang at sobrang lamig pala diyan…para di magkasakit or else ma-spoil ang vacation…*wink*interested tuloy ako sa dxn na iyan, consumer lang kasi ako ng coffee nila…:benjoy the trip!:Dnona | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 8:27 am |

  7. Hey! Ang saya naman! Buti naman at me access ka dyan at na-uupdate mo kami sa happenings dyan.Keep safe! And keep your cool! este warm pala heheFerdz | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 8:42 am |

  8. ganda naman pala dyan. kaso, ‘di ako tatagal dyan kapag ganyang kalamig… hehehe..anyway, enjoy lang at take care din sis! ^_^mics | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 8:56 am |

  9. Last Christmas break 2004 we’ve been to Beijing and yeah it’s really cold there at that time. You need to wear layers of sweater and jacket just to feel warm a bit when you’re outside.debie | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 10:05 am |

  10. Wee! Ang saya saya naman dyan! Iba talaga mga Pinoy. Ah!! Can’t wait to see your pics! be sure marami kang kuha ah! Namiss kita! Enjoy ka lang dyan!! And be safe! Balitaan mo pa kami ha. Muwah!tin | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 11:00 am |

  11. Hi Tina! buti naman may internet sa hotel! What an exciting trip, just keep warm That’s why you have to eat all that lauriat, body fat will keep you warm ingat ka sa China!Angelo | Homepage | 12.11.06 – 1:49 pm |

  12. Kahit joke lang di pa rin magandang image ng pinas no? Lalo ngayon nagkakagulo sa congress.Pag naranasan mo yung sobrang lamig sa ibang bansa parang ang sarap bumalik ng pinas.ann | Homepage | 12.12.06 – 2:52 am |

  13. aba!!!i thought you were in davao na.hahahaha…sosyal..broadband access pa.hehehehe…waiting for the pictures!!ingat!pam | Homepage | 12.12.06 – 3:32 am |

  14. sana ako rin makapagibang bansa na! hehehhee!pa-add po ng links sa inyong lahat! add ko rin po kayo! msg nyo na lang po sa comments sa blog ko para ma-add ko na din kayo! thanx po!see you around!jsonv | Homepage | 12.15.06 – 1:09 pm |

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