Holiday Leave

I am again “on-leave”. Not just blogging, even mailing/ircing,chatting… etc. Anything “internet” related for two weeks. 🙂 A very early holiday leave.

To them that ask where would I be… I’d be leaving for Manila tomorrow (dec.5), and then to China (dec.8). It’s an all-expense paid trip by DXN, we can’t resist. Haha. Im leaving with my parents.

I might be updating once in awhile on this same post IF EVER i get the chance to.

I’m leaving you with some random ICST convos i overheard.
(Original convo in Bisaya. I did not write the Visayan version. *tired* hehe)

June: Hey guys! Let’s all get voter’s ID.
Tina: Yeah, let’s!!
Avy: So we can vote. Weee
JV: Yeah, because I’m already 19, and I haven’t voted ever since. 😦
June: Huh? You were far from 18 the last election! Duh!

Renel: Tat Tat Tararat Tat Tat Tararat (Paris Hilton’s Nothing in this world tune)
Giovanne: Tarat tarat Bom Tarat tarat. Tararat Tararat Bom Bom Bom.

Jv: Kane, is Giovanne’s face perfect?
Gio: Sige Kane, You won’t have a face anymore… It’s perfect right?
Kane: *smiles*
Jv: Haha. Meaning?
Gio: Well, silence means yes!
Jv: Haha
Suico: What are you guys talking about?
JV: I was asking about Giovanne’s face, is it perfect?
Gio: I’ll treat you an hour in Dota.
Suico: Perfect! Perfect.

NOTE: Andoy owns an Internet Cafe where most of the ICST studes go everyday for a couple of games.

Andoy: I’m hungry. Treat me for lunch. I dont have money…even just a peso.
Eng2x: Huh! First class net cafe, and then no money? You’re like Perucho.
Andoy: Haha. Perucho cries when he can’t go home to Panabo.
Eng2x: Eat with the teachers. Ask Sir Mj for food.
Andoy: What? Sakim yan! He wont even give me a passing grade.. how much more FOOD?!!
Sir MJ: What?! You dont even attend my class.
Eng2x: Dah! You don’t show up, that’s why!
Andoy: Why did you react Sir? We are not talking to you… right Bap?
Bap: Right!

Mean guys. But they were just fooling around and Sir MJ knows it.


18 thoughts on “Holiday Leave

  1. heyyy lucky girl!!enjoy every minute of itupdate us a lot of pics para nman ma feel din nmin ang trip moghee(amesweet) | Homepage | 12.04.06 – 10:56 am |

  2. hintay ko ang iyong pagbabalik.ngayon lang ako nag post tapos nag blog leave ka pa, hehe. anyways abangan ko pagbabalik mocruise | Homepage | 12.04.06 – 11:59 am |

  3. Wow! Great!Sarap pagkain doon. Never leave without trying authentic Peking duck. Sana makapunta ka ng Great Wall of China. Post ka ng pics ha.Hermie | Homepage | 12.04.06 – 11:57 pm |

  4. Ang galing naman ng DXN, meron din ganyan dito.Enjoy your trip, damihan mo pictures ha. Ingat and God bless!ann | Homepage | 12.05.06 – 7:35 am |

  5. Hahaha! Be safe Tina! Enjoy your trip!! Im looking forward to your updates! You should post lots and lots of pics! Take me to CHina!!! Take care!!tin | Homepage | 12.05.06 – 8:00 am |

  6. pinapatay mo ako sa inggit!!!!!!take care ka dyan..pasalubong…hehehe…lucky you! pagkatapos ng hongkong..china naman!wow!pam | Homepage | 12.08.06 – 9:26 am |

  7. wow! buti ka pa.. makakapunta nga china.. pasalubong ha? hehe..God bless your trip,, cool and enjoy!richard | Homepage | 12.08.06 – 10:50 pm |

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