Hahaha this is funny. But its more funny when the moment you totally lose interest in love and having that idea of one true love… They seem to be everywhere. 

Too bad, it may have to be unrequited for now guys! 

No space for men or love life for the next coming months. 


Only for friendship .. I will be open. But the moment you try to pull that move on me… Ill give you the swiftest ninja move in history 😆😆😆 

Mushrooms and Crystals

I consulted my angel cards and they are all saying that to venture into romantic relationships for the next coming months would be disastrous. 

It is really true because all of a sudden my fantasy about romance and love dwindled to 5%. It is not in my cards. 

However, there is extreme 100% interest in my mushroom and crystals and I am backed by the angels as they shower their cornucopia of abundance on me for the next months.

I have never been this excited in my life.

Seeing our CEO is also a blessing because he feeds me with visions and lots of good news. 

Thank you for always ensuring the next generation Dr. Lim. I know my Papa is smiling down on us and visited the new factory already. 😇😍 

Exciting times ahead!